January 19, 2021 at 1:04pm | Carol Matticks
                         Homeowners planning to sell their home tend to get unsolicited advice from every direction!
                               “Do this,” “Don’t do that”; It can be difficult to decipher- the good-from the bad -ADVICE

😉As homebuyers become more informed and market-savvy, knowing which
                                          age-old advice  to ignore can be important.

Here are 5 MYTHS which should be thrown out immediately>>>>>>

• Spring is the best time to sell – While spring is traditionally when home sales tick upward, the real key to selling is inventory levels, which typically occur other times of the year.   January 2021 has major LOW Inventory- Better sales
• The first offer is always the best – While all offers should be considered, don’t feel pressured to take a sub-par offer just because it was the first.
 Open houses sell houses – Not anymore. Only 2% of homes sell as the direct result of an open house, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Virtual tours and online photos will attract more interest than foot traffic.
• Price high so there is room to negotiate – Homebuyers are more sophisticated about pricing and will not bother with overpriced homes.
 If you don’t want to make repairs then lower your price – Unless you market your home as a fixer-upper, buyers expect the home to be in reasonable condition and a low price might not be enough to encourage an offer. • You must update your kitchen to sell – Buyers do love renovated kitchens, but keep in mind that you typically recover only 81% of the cost of a remodel when selling. Selling a home is a major life decision. Before you begin the process of listing your home, do your research and make sure your advice you are getting is valid.

Hire a knowledgeable REALTOR that will be truthful, and tell you what you- DON'T want to hear- if needed!


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